Frequesntly Asked Questions

Q : Do you offer vegan desserts?

A : Yes! We have an extensive list of vegan versions of our classic desserts with some exclusive options as well. 

Q : Do you offer gluten free desserts?

A: Yes, we serve slices daily of two classic layer flavors along with our ganache taste. Check out our GF menu for a more extensive list of whole dessert offerings.

We also offer our gluten-free flavors an option for specialty desserts and cupcakes.

Q : Do I need to reserve a cake? 

A: Nope! We always have our desserts on hand. For a more seamless process and faster checkout, we recommend placing your order online. 

Q : Can I request writing on my dessert?

A: Absolutely! We love making moments special, we’ll write any message of your choice free of charge. No reservation needed.

Q : How long will my layer cake last?

A : If uncut and left in original packaging, layer cakes can be stored for 4 weeks in the freezer. Do not consume if left outside of packaging for more than week. 

Q : Can I get an assortment of slices to form a cake?

A : Yes! Our “Nancy’s Sampler” comes with your choice of 4-9 slices all on one cake board. For discounted pricing, order in store. You may also specify slices be arranged on one board for online orders of up to 9 slices.  

Q : Do you sell cupcakes? 

A : Yes, cupcakes are considered a specialty order and we need two business days in advance. Please submit request through our our custom cake form.

Q : Is my dessert fresh? 

A: Yes! Our desserts are baked in-house and served daily. Slices are always cut fresh from the cake to ensure quality and texture are to our greatest standard.